I Have The Flu



I have the flu. Not a cold, not the sniffles, not just a twenty-four hour thing. I have the sinus piercing, head spinning, lung wrenching, you get the idea flu.

I thought I’d recovered last Friday, and I did have a good day. One good day, to run my Facebook workshop. Then back down with the flu. It’s meant no good, clear writing days, no sharp, focussed business days for almost two whole weeks.

Being your own boss has a lot of benefits, like:

  • When you’re sick, you’re sick, so you get the day off.
  • If you work from home, like I do, you can take your box of tissues and shuffle into your office to check on emails or connect with Facebook clients.
  • You can develop good, strong relationships with your clients, and so when you call them with a croak in your voice, they won’t mind a bit.

I am really looking forward to being well again. I’m craving the ability I usually have to multitask, on multiple Social Media platforms for multiple clients. I really want to pour out the words of a delicious first draft for a web page or a press release, then go back to it and spend time massaging it into something easy to read and as clear as day to understand.

I know this post is not very deep, and it’s definitely not very clever, but it’s really just my way of poking my head out of my sick room to say Hello World… I’ll Be Back!



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