Now That You Know I’m Bipolar…

8.30am I’m more than a little bit buzzy at the moment. Now that you know I’m Bipolar, things are different between us. I can tell you that I’ve woken up in a manic cycle and I’m having feelings of invincibility. Everything will be wonderful now that I’ve blogged about my mental illness. My life will be fantastic; birds will sing, rainbows will dance across the sky, I will have an AWESOME time at Centrelink today. Hmmm, you can see the delusional in the manic already, can’t you?

Today I will be going to Centrelink to see what, if anything, they can do for me. I closed my business a couple of weeks ago, for many reasons, all of them related to BD. Helping people grow their business was a real privilege for me, but my brain chemistry made it hard to do enough business to make a living. I had the absolute time of my life, consulting with business people and teaching them how to use Facebook and online marketing methods. BD impacted my ability to do some of the things every business owner must be able to do, like:

  • setting prices and sticking to them, no matter what people want to tell you you’re worth
  • seeing multiple clients in one day without having panic attacks
  • doing all of the admin involved in a business, regularly and consistently

All of these things can be challenging for someone who does not have a mental illness, and for someone like me who has brain chemistry built on the specs of a ghost train/rollercoaster, it becomes a moment by moment struggle for survival. Do I sound like I’m overstating it? Don’t worry, as I blog more I think you’ll get to understand more about BD and me.

be you xx Rachel