What Is The Big Goal

I’ve been trying to work out what, exactly, I want to feel/be to consider myself sufficiently medicated/treated/counselled. What’s my big goal in life re my mental state?


Completely whole and healed sounds good. As mentally able as any other person I know. That sounds wonderful. But I’m told that this is not something I will enjoy in my life.

So, what can I want, what’s a goal I can expect to achieve? I’ve been thinking up a list;

  • Able to leave my home without even thinking about it
  • Able to make an arrangement with family or friends and know I’ll almost certainly be keeping it
  • Able to start a task and finish it
  • Able to do housework and keep my home the way I like it, with no side effects
  • Able to write my own books and have them published, without excessive anxiety

That seems like a good list. It’s certainly a list of things I can be grateful for working towards achieving on a daily or weekly basis.

be you xx Rachel


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