I’m An Empty Nester Filled With Guilty Glee and Some Sadness

Today I am an ’empty-nester’ and I think that I could write about the guilty glee of this new situation. Part of me wants my boys to live with me till the day I die, so I can make them pancakes for breakky on the weekends, cook them chicken soup when they’re sick and laugh with them about the weirdness of life in general. I love my boys.

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Today, my house is my own and I have never really lived like this before, except for a short time when I shared custody of the boys. That was not fun in any way, and all I felt was guilt and shame for getting divorced because of what it did to their lives. Now, I have my house to myself and my husband, who has decided that it’s time to go naked ’round the house, 24/7.

Today I’m in my new writing studio, the sunny back verandah room that used to be my youngest sons bedroom. I have a new novel burning its way into my consciousness, out through my fingers. I have a main character who wants her story told. I’m excited.

be you xx Rachel


5 thoughts on “I’m An Empty Nester Filled With Guilty Glee and Some Sadness

  1. So can relate to you here. My husband also likes to go around the house 24/7 and this is something that I really do not want… after all, it makes for it to be difficult to open the blinds and get in natural sunlight through the windows when he is like this. BUT some days I feel oh well, somebody catches him it will be on him only!

    Men these days have to realize that they are not in this relationship alone and how they behave impacts on the relationship!

  2. I find myself getting giddy at the prospect (the parenting trip is SO.CORKIN.HARD. sometimes) and saddened at the thought of passing a bedroom that no longer holds a sleeping kid…enjoy every moment in that sunshine 🙂

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