I Have Found A New Way to Write

I’ve found a new way to write! This is a new-to-me, exciting way to write a diary every day and includes doodling, stickers, and all kinds of fun pens and pencils. What is it? So glad you asked! I’ve discovered fauxbonichi. Yes, I had no idea what it was either, or maybe you know exactly what it is? I was watching the usual amazing YouTube videos about art and book making, and a video popped up on fauxbonichi.

I’ve kept a personal journal for many years, and every now and then I just stop journalling for a while, as I have now. This time, though, I haven’t done any daily regular journalling for months. Admittedly, I wasn’t able to replace my journal with the same type I always use, which made me much madder than it should have! I have been using the same style of journal for years and I am addicted to the feel of it. Not having the right journal really upset my head. Screw it, I thought day after day, I just don’t want to write in the lesser journals I’d found. My inner child had a lot to do with this I reckon. For me there’s a lot of inner child in journalling, and so having the right materials is absolutely necessary.

Fauxbonichi is not a brand of journal, although there is a brand called Hobonichi which is the original and genuine version of this home-made version called fauxbonichi. I may work my way up to the real thing, but for now I like the idea of freestyling, as always.

I have ordered the most popular journal used for this daily dairy doodling journal, which is the MiquelRuis one from Barnes and Noble in the USA. Yes, it was cheaper to buy that and have it sent here than to buy one here in Australia. I love a bargain. In the meantime, I’m playing at faubonichi in my 2015 diary. I have joined a Facebook group and there are some truly talented people in there, making their daily lives come to life with words and doodles and stickers and paint. Bring it on, I say!

If you’d like to see my progress, check out my Facebook page by clicking here.

happy writing x Rachel


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