Face to Face Time is Precious

free yacht on sea

Right now I’m saving my face-to-face time for my family and close friends. This is really easy to explain to my family and close friends and to people who are only acquaintances; my acquaintances are so understanding. They let me off the hook, Facebook with me, enjoy our online connection, which is so much easier for me to manage and requires very little recovery time.

This is much harder to explain to people who outside these categories. Yes I care about you, but no I don’t want to see you for coffee. It doesn’t matter how much I like who you are, or how understanding you can be, or how great it would be to catch up; getting together spends some of my limited people time. Precious time that I don’t get much of. I have never found an easy way to explain this about myself. What I mean is I have never found a way to explain it so the other person doesn’t get hurt. I hate that. But still, my limited face time will always belong to the ones closest to me.


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