I am Writing Again

I’m finally writing again. At last. I was so twisted up about wanting to write and not being able to write that I had a session with a brilliant local creative counselor, Jenneth Graham, and she helped me work through the issues that were messing with my head and preventing me from writing. Now I’m back in my favourite creative space which is; just get your ass on the chair and do it, girl. I’ve written ten thousand words in one week. it feels great. Thanks Jenneth.

I’m writing a novel that has a few main characters, and I’m enjoying going from one to another. I have a heart for each of them, even though to be honest, I don’t like them all equally. As I write about each character I imagine myself interacting with them, wondering, would we get along in real life? I’d definitely be able to hold a conversation with all of my current characters, and a way that I find out more about any of my characters is to meditate and imagine we are talking to each other and ask them questions about themselves. It’s a powerful writing tool. It works for me.

I may or may not send this book to a publisher. I may self publish. I may go straight through Amazon. Lots of options. I might just write 2000 words of first drafts for the rest of my days. But hell it feels good to be back writing like this again.

Be you. Rachel


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