Left Handers Day

Left Handers Day


So, apparently yesterday was international Left Handers Day. I’m not Left Handed but I do like those ‘international days’. I wonder who decides these things? Maybe now we’re all on social media, all that is required is an online announcement that hey, it’s International [fill in the blank] Day! Makes me want to put it out there that August fifteen is International Rachel Day. A day for everyone named Rachel? Why not? We’re just as awesome as left handers and they have their own day. Only, it must only be for the ones called Rachel who spell their name that way.  We can’t have the Racheal, Rachael, Raychel crowd getting in on our day. They can have another day. Maybe August sixteen?



Writing a Novel and Writing a Business Book

It’s been ages since my last post. I’ve been writing a book, and it has my attention most of the time. In fact I’m writing two books, one novel and one business book. This week the business book has had my full attention, especially since I bought some ink for my printer and was able to print out all of the pages thus far, so I could start editing and resorting.

I’m planning to self publish the business book, as an ebook. I think that’s one of the reasons why it is flowing out of me so easily. No publisher submission guidelines in my immediate future.

Another reason the book is flowing so well is that I know a lot about the topic I’ve chosen to write about; writing business books. I’ve helped a lot of people who were not writers, to write their own business book, I’ve consulted with many business owners, and I know something about what they want for their companies. I love the idea that I’ll have a book out there in the e-world, to help business owners. They are such hard-working people, with dreams beyond the next payday.

My novel is coming along, too. I spent time last week fleshing out the three main characters and giving them back-story and reasons for behaving the way I have them behaving in the story. I’m enjoying writing these three girls very much. They are very different from one another, and they each have their secrets. It’s fun to write about secrets, to hint at them and leave the reader wondering all the way up to the reveal.

be you xx Rachel

I Met A New Friend Today

I met a new friend today. That’s how it happens when you use Facebook – you connect with people and get to know them, and then you meet them in real life. I love that.


It was one of those easy meetings where we sat down with a cuppa at her home and chatterboxed for hours. I loved getting to know her, we have lots in common and that is always fun. I’m really looking forward to spending more time with her.

Friendship is a tricky thing in my life. I often either give way too much, or keep a wall up. It’s the Bipolar, but it’s also childhood stuff about staying separate from everyone else. I was raised by extreme fundamentalist Christian parents who had their own way of interpreting the bible. They believed that people who went to church were misguided, hoodwinked and in error, thus to be avoided at all cost. They also believed that people who did not go to church were the Unbelievers; corrupt, sinful, evil and to be avoided at all cost. This meant that I was taught to trust and respect nobody outside my own family.

You can imagine what this did to my child heart. I developed an internal binary switch for strangers that allowed for only two states of trust: complete and zero. Not many people scored my complete trust. Almost everyone fell in the zero trust category. I was very good at putting a polite and friendly face on my utter lack of trust, learned by watching my parents and the way they acted towards customers, school teachers and shop assistants.

The people I felt compelled to trust completely inevitable hurt me. I would pull back from them and reassign them to zero trust, then beat myself up for failing so badly at correctly divining their trustworthiness. What an idiot! What was wrong with me? When I was a child it had been so simple, with my parents doing all the judging and me completely trusting their choices.

Of course, as I grew up I became aware that I needed to see people in a much less black and white way. I watched people do good and bad to one another and I learned that most people are well intentioned – which was pretty hard to take on board and live with at times.

I met a new friend today and, by nurture, I am tempted to trust her completely, believe everything she says, do whatever she wants me to do, be whatever she thinks I should be. But another thing I’ve learned over the decades is that real, true friends seem to understand my urge to be the best best friend that has ever lived, and instead of taking advantage of this, they choose to give and take. I am trusting myself to live one day at a time, choosing to give and choosing also to take. These are the ingredients for a happy, healthy connection. I know it.

be you xx Rachel

Now That You Know I’m Bipolar…

8.30am I’m more than a little bit buzzy at the moment. Now that you know I’m Bipolar, things are different between us. I can tell you that I’ve woken up in a manic cycle and I’m having feelings of invincibility. Everything will be wonderful now that I’ve blogged about my mental illness. My life will be fantastic; birds will sing, rainbows will dance across the sky, I will have an AWESOME time at Centrelink today. Hmmm, you can see the delusional in the manic already, can’t you?

Today I will be going to Centrelink to see what, if anything, they can do for me. I closed my business a couple of weeks ago, for many reasons, all of them related to BD. Helping people grow their business was a real privilege for me, but my brain chemistry made it hard to do enough business to make a living. I had the absolute time of my life, consulting with business people and teaching them how to use Facebook and online marketing methods. BD impacted my ability to do some of the things every business owner must be able to do, like:

  • setting prices and sticking to them, no matter what people want to tell you you’re worth
  • seeing multiple clients in one day without having panic attacks
  • doing all of the admin involved in a business, regularly and consistently

All of these things can be challenging for someone who does not have a mental illness, and for someone like me who has brain chemistry built on the specs of a ghost train/rollercoaster, it becomes a moment by moment struggle for survival. Do I sound like I’m overstating it? Don’t worry, as I blog more I think you’ll get to understand more about BD and me.

be you xx Rachel

3 Simple Ways to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

  1. Sign in as your business page and then search Facebook for businesses in your local area. Like them all, not only the ones you deal with, or the ones who are in alignment with your products or services. This is one fantastic way for a business to be social on Facebook. After you’ve clicked on their Like button, write a short message on their wall to let them know you’ve been there.
  2. Ask each of your new customers if they’re on Facebook, rather than telling them you’re on Facebook. Ask them to Like your Business Page. If they have a smart phone, they might do it there and then. This is a nice, customer focussed way to introduce the fact you’re on Facebook. It generally works much better than telling the customer that you are on Facebook. It gives new contacts the opportunity to talk about themselves, which will win them every time. Just ask Dale Carnegie!
  3. ‘Like’ businesses in other countries that are very much like yours. For example, if you sell lingerie, find five shops in the US or the UK who also sell lingerie. Watch your Wall Feed for posts by these companies, and Share their content if it aligns with your business. This achieves two things: Firstly, you’re able to share a whole lot of useful information and images with your clients and other Likers, and you will become known as a great, regular content provider. Secondly, you will only be promoting your own business and not another local company who is in direct competition with you.

Let me know if you need help using Facebook for your business!

Happy writing,

x Rachel