What To Call Her

It’s been so long since I blogged here. I have been writing my novel, and it is shaping up, but to be honest that is just writer-speak for I’m going more slowly than I want to in the actual writing of hundreds and hundreds of words department. I love my main character, she kicks ass, but I am not happy with her name. I don’t think my inner muse will really let me fly until I get the name right.

So, what to call her? I think I have it. It came to me while I was doing the dishes a couple of days ago. In between scrubbing the sticky bits off an oven tray and disinfecting the sink, a much better name came to me. I can’t write it here, because of course that would jinx it. Of course. I’ll keep it tucked up inside and have a play with it writing the next scene of the book. If I look down and start writing and when I look back up many words have been written, I’ll know for sure that my inner muse approves. Hell, she’ll pretend she gave it to me. I don’t mind, as long as I get back to prolific me.

Ring-tailed lemur I love this picture of a lemur, just had to share.