My Hometown Is Changing and I Went To My Shrink but These Things Are Not Related

My hometown, Gosford, is going through some big changes, or at least they are being battled out in council, back and forth. The next time I can leave the house, I’d love to go to the local library and see the proposed waterfront developments. The school I attended is now empty, sitting ready to be razed to the ground and replaced with shops and tourist draw cards of some sort or another.

I just found this ‘Masterplan’ online. Insert evil laugh, I guess? Gosford City Waterfront Masterplan

Shrink Appointment Hello from the other side. The other side of a shrink appointment. This morning I woke up exhausted from the two big panic attacks I’ve had this week, my head still spinning from upping my anti psychotic meds, and had to make myself get ready for my shrink appointment. It was epic.

The appointment went well and I have new, more powerful meds to keep the whole ‘I see dead people and they are telling me to create a hole in my forehead with the cordless drill’ thing at bay. It’s really weird to see things that aren’t there. Sounds obvious, I know, but it truly is bizarre to have non-existent people and animals in the room with you when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone.

My writing is going absolutely full-steam at the moment. I’m working on my memoirs, a novel and a book about mental illness and life. Sounds like a lot, but by working on a few things at the same time, my brain forgets to get ‘blocked’. My novel will be the most out-there, real life story I’ve ever written. The main character is one wild chickadee who is more than a little out of control.


Clearing Out The Shed and Letting Go Of Stuff

This morning I cleared out the back shed and sold all of my scrapbooking supplies. It has my head reeling, but in a good way I think. It’s taken years for me to let go of the scrapbooking thing, even though it has been even more years since I did any actual scrapbooking.

scrapbk sell sold

The tools, the toys, the pretty papers and textured card, it has all gone to a new home, a wonderful new home as it turns out, with a great Mum and lots of kids who will really enjoy playing with these things and making cards and memories.

Now I have empty boxes, some empty shelves, empty storage baskets and it feels like there’s room for something new, but I don’t yet know what that might be.

I kept a few bits and pieces, so I can make a card if I want to. I’m keeping these last few things in one place, and if I don’t use them at all in the next six months, I will probably sell them on as well. Use it or lose it. My new philosophy I guess.

Now, my husband says to me as we stand in the rain in the back yard after clearing out all of the scrapbooking things, what are you going to do with the rest of the things boxed up in the shed? It’s all from a previous life, some of it treasures like the boys earliest toys and school artwork, the rest is random stuff from stages through my journey; my books from courses long completed, certificates for accomplishments that no longer have any real value, a calligraphy set, a paper making kit, a half crocheted rug.

I’m thinking that for as long as I have a shed, a shelf in a cupboard, a spare square foot, my stuff will stay with me. I’m even thinking of buying some plastic containers to replace the weather bent archive boxes. Still, there’s a question nagging at the corner of my mind; what else can I clear out?

be you xx Rachel