I Have Found A New Way to Write

I’ve found a new way to write! This is a new-to-me, exciting way to write a diary every day and includes doodling, stickers, and all kinds of fun pens and pencils. What is it? So glad you asked! I’ve discovered fauxbonichi. Yes, I had no idea what it was either, or maybe you know exactly what it is? I was watching the usual amazing YouTube videos about art and book making, and a video popped up on fauxbonichi.

I’ve kept a personal journal for many years, and every now and then I just stop journalling for a while, as I have now. This time, though, I haven’t done any daily regular journalling for months. Admittedly, I wasn’t able to replace my journal with the same type I always use, which made me much madder than it should have! I have been using the same style of journal for years and I am addicted to the feel of it. Not having the right journal really upset my head. Screw it, I thought day after day, I just don’t want to write in the lesser journals I’d found. My inner child had a lot to do with this I reckon. For me there’s a lot of inner child in journalling, and so having the right materials is absolutely necessary.

Fauxbonichi is not a brand of journal, although there is a brand called Hobonichi which is the original and genuine version of this home-made version called fauxbonichi. I may work my way up to the real thing, but for now I like the idea of freestyling, as always.

I have ordered the most popular journal used for this daily dairy doodling journal, which is the MiquelRuis one from Barnes and Noble in the USA. Yes, it was cheaper to buy that and have it sent here than to buy one here in Australia. I love a bargain. In the meantime, I’m playing at faubonichi in my 2015 diary. I have joined a Facebook group and there are some truly talented people in there, making their daily lives come to life with words and doodles and stickers and paint. Bring it on, I say!

If you’d like to see my progress, check out my Facebook page by clicking here.

happy writing x Rachel

My Top 5 Excuses For Not Writing

  1. Housework… I decide that I absolutely must do some housework. Usually something that can wait, or that has been on my list for months. I get this sudden ridiculous desire to clean out the fridge.
  2. Family… I decide that someone in the family needs me to take care of them in some way or another. Cooking, taxiing, supporting, you name it, I’ve used it as an excuse not to write. We’re not talking broken limbs here.
  3. Facebook… I mess around on Facebook or YouTube and use up all of my qwt (quality writing time). Such a dumb choice, except when I’m reading about blogging, writing, editing or other useful stuff.
  4. My dog, Sally… I absolutely adore my labrador. She is gorgeous and such a temptation when I should be writing. She happily sits beside me while I write, with lots of opportunities for pats. So, no excuse for slacking off my writing to play with Sally.
  5. Cooking… which I no longer truly love doing. I have been a good cook most of my adult life and I’ve enjoyed cooking in the past but now, really, I do it so we can eat good yummy food, not because it’s loads of fun.

It is complicated


My head is officially in lala land. The flu started it I think and now a crisis in my greater family. Teeth grinding. Crazy sleepy. Random unhelpful thoughts taking hold. A desperate feeling that I need a new project to pour myself into in a manic way. Dizziness. Moodiness. Shame blame and more shame blame.
The trick is to relax into the calm the meds are trying to give me, journal the crap as it rises to the surface, try to remember I am the one who decides what I do and when I do it and who I do it with.
I’ve closed my Facebook down for a while. Logged out for the foreseeable future. That has helped a bit already. I’m spending time with my dog and trying to stay active. Playing happy music. Watching happy dvds. Gardening,  which is like a magic health balm for my soul. Eating fresh mandarins from my tree. Keeping away from junk foods almost entirely.
Most importantly I’m trying to remember it’s okay to tell friends and family that I need help. Even if that help is to accept my silence without judgement. Yeah. It’s complicated.

It Is Now Halfway Through 2015

This year I have really given myself to visual art. I always promised myself that in my 50’s I would do some art and learn as much as I want to about art techniques. I’ve done a lot of canvases with acrylic paints and found mixed media bits like a disassembled printer and offcuts from the local fabric store. My favourite ones are abstract mechanical pieces on square canvases.
My art area is in the corner of our little lounge room. We plan to pull up the carpet soon, so I don’t have to worry if I get some little splashes of colour on it. My space is small, but that forces me to cull the crap, the bits and colours I don’t use soon after I acquire them. Some things I don’t get rid of, even though I haven’t used them. These are mostly found, small metal objects. I love to collect lids and the pull bits off cans of drink.
I’ve made some great discoveries. Like ordinary cotton string can be coloured easily and used so many different ways because it can make any shape I want. Also, sticky fibre mesh rolls from the paint section of the hardware shop. Those things are great to colour or to use, either as a stamp or as a texture layer.
My walls are getting a bit crowded with canvases. This is okay except that I am trying so many different styles and techniques, it looks like a crazy random bad art gallery. I think once I find my style, my preferred style, I might paint over the randoms. Redo them, use them to make my real kind of art.
This month, and next month, I’m doing #ICAD2015 and having fun with index cards. Limiting myself to index card sized art is fun and challenging. Two months, 61 days, of mini art. So far I have used my favourite colours. Next month I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and see what I can produce. This might mean some imitation of other artists, especially some of the big names. Unless I chicken out and go back to the safety of my preferences. I’m 50 and yeah, I’ll do whatever I damn well want.

It’s Christmas

luigi christmasIt’s Christmas time and here’s what I’m thinking; being an empty nester can be fun, but not so much at Christmas time. My sons are living happy lives, and I love that. I’m enjoying doing things I haven’t made time for in years, I’ve even started back at creating art, I’m writing a great book I’d love to read, I’m cooking up a storm when it suits me, eating cereal when it doesn’t. But in these weeks leading up to Christmas, I haven’t even put up a tree.

I’ll probably create something resembling a tree before the day itself, when one of my boys and my brother and his wife will come for feasting, gift giving and our traditional darts tournament. I’m hoping we can all Skype with my son and his girlfriend in Beijing. It’ll be a fun day. But I’m an anticipation girl. I like the lead-up to an event almost as much as the event itself, and with no kids at home, I┬ájust don’t get to share that with them now. That part of Christmas was always so much fun in the past.

I think I’m not finished creating new traditions around Christmas. It seems I need a new way to enjoy the prelude to the day. Maybe with my husband, or maybe on my own. I’m a creative person, I’m good at thinking up fun ways to enjoy my small, happy life.

Merry Christmas, Happy Saturnalia, Seasons Greetings. I hope you have a good one. I also hope that you enjoy December for what it is; the lead-up to a special day we make your own as we share it with friends and family.

xx Rachel