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I do love to write!


Writing in the Backyard – A Fresh Perspective

I’d love to be able to say that I take my pen and my notepad into my backyard so I can feel connected to nature. Well, maybe sometimes, but not so, this week. I just needed a different space, so I could begin a new piece. I spent hundreds of hours in my office, working on the last piece, and I really needed to just physically be in a different place, so I could begin again. New space, new voice, new words. Rachel x

I’m a Publisher and a Business Biographer

I’m a publisher, and I love to help people tell their story. Whether we’re working on your business story, preparing it for publication and promotions, or your personal story, developing an engaging biographical work, I’ll be with you ’till THE END.

Can you tell me why you think Christopher Walken, telling the story of  The Three Little Pigs, (below) works so well? Use the form below to let me know what you think.