I’m a Secret Bullet Journal Keeper

I’ve been known to watch the odd 18 bullet journal videos on YouTube before falling asleep at 3am.

It’s an addiction that started about eighteen months ago when I learned about keeping a bujo, as they call them.

2020 was my first attempt, and it failed as the pandemic succeeded. I’m using the rest of that journal to write blogging notes and ideas.

This year I’m doing a better job of keeping up with my bujo, which doesn’t mean I’m filling it in every single day.

I’m having some tough days, so the gratitude page has a lot of missing lines. The ‘how I was kind to myself today’ is pretty empty as well. I’m keeping good records on blogging and sharing my blogs on social media, so there’s that.

I’ve done no house or garden renovations yet, so that page is pretty thin, but as the weather cools I’ll probably be more enthusiastic about getting things done. I hate the heat.

Next month I’m doing a red hearts theme in my bujo, along with my usual plant doodles. I’m looking forward to the brighter colours.

February will probably be even hotter, so I’d better plan to finish the renovations to my nice, air conditioned bedroom, to have something to record on that page. Mind you, all my journaling things are in my room as well, so I’m sure I’ll find a way to be distracted.