3 Simple Ways to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

  1. Sign in as your business page and then search Facebook for businesses in your local area. Like them all, not only the ones you deal with, or the ones who are in alignment with your products or services. This is one fantastic way for a business to be social on Facebook. After you’ve clicked on their Like button, write a short message on their wall to let them know you’ve been there.
  2. Ask each of your new customers if they’re on Facebook, rather than telling them you’re on Facebook. Ask them to Like your Business Page. If they have a smart phone, they might do it there and then. This is a nice, customer focussed way to introduce the fact you’re on Facebook. It generally works much better than telling the customer that you are on Facebook. It gives new contacts the opportunity to talk about themselves, which will win them every time. Just ask Dale Carnegie!
  3. ‘Like’ businesses in other countries that are very much like yours. For example, if you sell lingerie, find five shops in the US or the UK who also sell lingerie. Watch your Wall Feed for posts by these companies, and Share their content if it aligns with your business. This achieves two things: Firstly, you’re able to share a whole lot of useful information and images with your clients and other Likers, and you will become known as a great, regular content provider. Secondly, you will only be promoting your own business and not another local company who is in direct competition with you.

Let me know if you need help using Facebook for your business!

Happy writing,

x Rachel