Reiki, Thanksgiving and Mocking the Crap Life Sends You

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating! I’m Australian, through and through, but I love to hop on the Thanksgiving bandwagon each year and give it my own twist. I don’t mess with the turkey dinner bit, I mean who doesn’t love a big family turkey dinner? The part I tweak for my own clan is the reason for giving thanks. I don’t include the original story, in any of its possible variations. We don’t dress up like pilgrims or native Americans. What we do in my home is sit down to a yummy meal and express gratitude for being part of a loving family.

We laugh about the fun we’ve had in the past year, and we make fun of the crap life sent us as well. The worse we’ve had it, the more we make fun of it. It’s empowering to sit there and talk about the good times and the bad times and laugh.

It has been at least six years since I have put on a Thanksgiving dinner for my family. Lots of water under the bridge in those six years. Plenty of fodder for laughs and loads of mock-worthy bad times to sling mud at. I might share the best bits in another post.

I’m looking forward to roast turkey, mashed spuds, veggies and the best gravy in the universe. But I am truly looking forward to the fantastic energy that gratitude brings to an event, especially gratitude from a whole family.

This morning I’m off to visit a gf and to have Reiki for my BD. Wish me luck, and I’ll let you know how I go.

be you xx Rachel